A Mesmer’s Daughters production – Going Deeper – Carlie (hypnosis)

How deep would you like to go? Carlie, already knows the answer to that question, because she’s been there and back.

This is the story of how she was introduced, to the powers of hypnosis, by her college roommate, Tabitha. It began innocently enough in Carlie’s freshman year. One night, as Carlie lay awake feverishly studying for a biology exam,Tabitha approached her with the offer of a relaxing massage. A massage which rapidly turned hypnotic. Before Carlie even knew what was happening, Tabitha had her mind floating into a deep and dreamy trance.

As Carlie tells the story, you’ll begin to feel exactly the same sensations she experienced, and before long, you’ll find Carlie’s heavenly eyes, are draining your mind of every last ounce of will-power.

The induction is intense, dominant and powerful. It will create in you, deep feelings of submission, worship and closeness.

Once you are under, she will control your mind AND your hands. What happens next, is strictly under her command. Your hypnotized mind will follow her lead and the two of you will come together.

This guided masturbation experience is almost 24 minutes long and will leave you breathless, happy and satisfied.

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