Addiction – Son’s Ass addiction therapy 2

Mom Sandra and son made good practice with this therapy. But this week, Sandra has worn tight jeans and tight legging pants, and her son did not submit to his mothers tease. Instead, he has been in his room. Before going to bed, Sandra decides to put on nice pajama pants and give her son a spanking for not doing his therapy. She knocks on his door and asks him to come into the kitchen for a talk. Once her son comes into the kitchen, Sandra pulls out a wooden spoon and sets it on the counter. She questions her son about not satisfying his sexual urges to her butt in pants. Her son confesses that it has been other girls that he has [masturbated to] this week. Unknown girls that he has seen in public wearing tight pants. He has come home, and [masturbated] to them. Sandra informs her son that he must bend over the counter for a spanking. He has not listened to the doctor and must be spanked. Mother Sandra is wearing nice pajama pants for her son. While she is spanking, she would like to fix his habit, so she is also teasing his cock while giving him a spanking. A combination of spanking, and arousing her son. Hoping he will continue his therapy with his mother. After a short spanking, and teasing, Sandra puts away the wooden spoon back into the kitchen drawer. Her son can not help his immediate arousal to his mothers pajamas and teasing; and begins rubbing his cock on the pajamas. Mother continues to lean against the counter while her sons excitement grows larger and begins satisfying himself against his mothers pajamas. Pumping his as he strokes his cock against mothers pajamas. He loves her pajamas so much that he pumps his until he shoots a cum shot onto her pajamas. Sandra says he is a good boy and is now [masturbating] to the correct butt. It is good that he will continue enjoying his mothers butt in her pants. The next day mother Sandra is folding clothes and wearing her sons favorite outfit, that makes him excited for butts. Mothers seduction seems to be working again as son comes up to mom and has his way with her pants, leaving a good white cumshot on her pants.

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