AllHerLuv – Joanna Angel, Sarah Vandella & Scarlett Sage – Spare The Rod (March 26, 2020)

Sister Joanna runs a Catholic School and her 18 year old student, Scarlett Sage, has been causing a lot of problems. Sister Joanna believes that her Scarlett’s step-mother, Sarah Vandella, needs to learn how to correct Scarlett’s behavior properly– with a wooden paddle guided by the God’s will. The punishment scares Sarah, but yet she inflicts the punishment on Scarlett, and she regrets every single blow to her beautiful bare skin. Sarah waits until Joanna leaves and apologizes to Scarlett. Sarah was just as rebellious as her step-daughter, and she has an idea. What if when Scarlett feels the urge to kiss a girl, she kisses Sarah, in the privacy of their home?

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