Anastasia Pierce Fetish Super Heros – Anastasia Pierce & Star Nine – 3 PERILS (The Full Adventure)

A Super Heroine Trap and Peril Lesbian Parody – Starring: Anastasia Pierce as the Genie and Star Nine as Batgirl

Batgirl is gifted a genie lamp by a stranger. Excited she calls out for her 3 wishes. But when the Genie appears instead of 3 wishes, the Genie grants her 3 Perils! If Batgirl can survive the Perils, then the Genie will go back to her Lamp but if Batgirl fails she will be trapped in the lamp forever… What kind of danger is she facing? Will she get trapped in a glass box for ever, Sawed in half by a sharp blade or Orgasm over and over until she perishes? What will happen to Batgirl?

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