Angel The Dreamgirl – Testing of Real Living Mannequin

The man was walking in the retro store, where he can find anything and where he buy any thing or new or maintenance. But before buy it you want to test?! Sure! Stranger found Real Living Mannequin, he was delighted. The man bought a Mannequin, but before buy it he to test it. He lifts and carry the Mannequin, he changed the position of the limbs, photographed Mannequin, and put things in the hand Mannequin’s that are also for sale in the store. The man have fun with a Real Living Mannequin around the store. After he had played enough and was happy he bought a Mannequin, and brought him home. At home, he continued to inspect carefully his purchase. He removed all clothing from the Mannequin and used his fingers and other parts of the body

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