Anya Olsen – Homewrecking Daughter Punished By Mom – Modern Taboo Family

Anya asked her Daddy to if he wanted to make her cum before Mom came to pick her up? Her Daddy was hesitant but after his Daughter looked at him with her big blue eyes and pouty lips he agreed! She quickly pulled down her panties and Daddy started fingering her. She was so close to cuming just before her Mommy came in. Her Mom yelled at them. Dad got up and tried to explain what was going on but he really couldn’t. Mom called him some names and slapped him! He said he was sorry and she just told him to get out and never wanted to see him again. Mom quickly sat down next to her shameful looking Daughter. Sheimmediately tried to comfort her. Momasked what kind of inappropriate things had Daddy done to her. And how he would never be able to do them again. But Anya got mad and said that he Daddy loved her and she liked what Daddy and her do together. Her Mom was shocked. Her Daughter was defending him and even worse said she loved him and they were going to keep having sex together! Mom asked how long this had been going on and when did it start. When she found out it had been going on since before their divorce she got very upset. She grabbed her Daughter and put her over her knee. She said she should have done this a long time ago and started spanking her. Anya had never been spanked and did not know what was happening but it hurt a lot! Mom blamed her for her break up with Dad and spanked her even harder! Then out of the blue Mom pulled down her panties to her knees and stuck fingers inside of little Anya. She wanted to know how many fingers it took to filled up her slut pussy like Daddy’s cock. She fucked her pussy until her Daughter screams! Then she makes her Daughter stand up and strip off her clothes and pulls her hair towards her pussy. Mom makes her lick her pussy. Anya tries to pull away saying she did not want to but Mom grinds her pussy on her Daughter face even more. She wanted to please her Mommy and thought her Mom was the prettiest Mom ever! Mom said if she was going to be a whore with her Daddy then she was going to be the same with her Mommy! She forced her to lick her until she cums all over her Daughter pretty face! Mom said if was time for her slut Daughter to cum. She gets her toy of out her purse and puts it on Anya’s little pussy. Her Daughter starts to shake and moan. Mom puts her hand around her neck and told her sluts like to be choked. In the end Mom tells her that she will learn to love making Mommy cum and until she does she will not be allow to fuck her Daddy!

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