Ashley Alban – Baby Making Sex

Ashley is wearing a little pink nightgown and a matching thong. She gets on the bed and tells you that she really wants to get pregnant tonight. She wants you to fuck her and fill her pussy up with cum. She pulls out your already hard dick and starts to suck it. She tells you how much she loves your dick. She sucks you until your cock is covered with spit. Ashley sits up and pulls down the top of her nightgown so you can see her big breasts. She slides her panties off as well and straddles you. She lowers herself down on your dick and starts to rock her hips back and forth.

You alternate between looking at her tits and watching your cock slide in and out of her pussy. Ashley continues to talk dirty about how badly she wants to be filled with cum. She says that she wants you to get on top and fuck her hard until you cum. You get Ashley on her back and start pounding her pussy. You cum hard and shoot a massive load inside her. Ashley asks if you filled her up and you can see your cum leaking out of her.

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