Barebackstudios – Cory Chase, Vina Sky in The Cuckquean

Scene One: Family Movie Night

Mom Dad and Vina are watching a movie. They’re happy together. They run out of popcorn, so Cory gets up to get more. After she leaves the room, Vina begins to seduce Dad, her adoptive father. They make out and Vina slowly exposes her gorgeous, petite body. Their lust is intimate, sensual. Her little tits are her father’s favorite delicacy, and receive the attention they deserve.

Her Stepdad tells her, “Give Dad what he wants.” She gets down on her knees and starts to suck his cock. Cory comes back with more popcorn and witnesses the scene slowly unfold in front of her. Her happiness shatters along with the illusion of her happy marriage and family. She stares in shock.

Luke and Vina fuck (missionary, cowgirl, doggy). He cums in her mouth. As they finish Cory decides to confront them and steps into the room. Luke and Vina barely react to her entrance. She no longer registers as important to them. Cory is left with no words. “Why?” is the only desperate, confused question she asks. Luke leaves the room, shrugging off the question.

Vina and Cory are left regarding each other. Cory in distress, Vina with coquettish confidence. Smiling, Vina walks up to Cory and with her hand wipes some of the cum off of her mouth and gently spreads if onto her adoptive mother’s face. Cory’s face scrunches in disgust and she recoils, causing Vina to giggle. Vina, with a slow, sexy gait, walks out of the room.

Her adoptive mother quickly grabs a napkin from an end table and wipes her face clean. She collapses on the couch, and, in despair, contemplates what she just witnessed.

Scene Two: A Mother’s Role

Cory sitting on a couch, clearly uncomfortable with something. In the background she can hear very loud, rough sex. Disgust is the only emotion Cory feels these days. Vina comes out of the bedroom, freshly fucked and nude. She looks at her adoptive mother. “He’s never fucked you like that, has he?” Cory doesn’t look at her adopted daughter, she keeps her gaze on a nearby wall. She shakes her head. “No.” Look at me bitch!” Vina commands. Cory reluctantly looks at her. Calm again, Vina says, “Dad loves my fresh body. This is what he dreams about. He’s done with you. He doesn’t want you anymore.”

Vina’s verbal abuse continues. Cory sits there humiliated. Their roles are reversed, Cory is now subservient to her daughter. Vina tires at verbally abusing her mother when she realizes she is becoming numb to it. “Get on your knees mom.” Cory looks at her daughter in shock. “Excuse me?” “I said, get on your knees.”

“For what?”

Enraged, Vina’s sweet demeanor drops, “Get on your knees cunt!”

Cory finally does so. Her face is a picture of horror at the unknown degradation to come. Vina stands near her and spreads her pussy lips. “Did you know Dad doesn’t use a condom with me? That way, he can feel everything. My pussy is still filled with his cum.” Cory grimaces and tries to look away. Vina grabs her chin and forces her head back to face her. “You’re going to clean my pussy with your mouth.”

Cory slowly licks Vina’s pussy clean. Vina’s instructions and verbal jabs continue:

“That’s it mom, lick it slow, do your job cum rag.”
“You eat pussy better than pleasing Dad.”
“You like the taste of Dad’s cum leaking out of my sweet cunt?”
Eventually, Vina cums hard and lets Cory fall back to the ground.

“This is how its going to be from now on mom. I’m in charge, and you’re going to be a good little cuckquean, because you can’t keep your man satisfied.” She leaves.

Scene Three: Submissive Mom

Vina is nude and lounging on the couch. Cory walks in, clothed, carrying a glass of wine. She gives it to Vina and then stands near her, waiting for further instruction. Vina sniffs the wine and glowers at her adoptive mother. She takes a sip, with a bored expression. Her mother’s humiliation must continue, it must be made complete. She continues pensively looking at Cory and takes a few more sips of wine.

“I’m bored, I want a massage.” Cory makes an exasperated sigh. Scene cuts to Vina on a bed, still nude. Cory begins to massage her. Vina makes pleasurable noises. The massage proceeds for several minutes. “That feels good mom. You know what would feel better? A rim job.”

Cory’s outrage is explosive. “You little bitch. This is the last fucking straw. I’m not licking your nasty asshole, you fucking slut.” Vina becomes furious. She starts yelling insults back. Dad walks in to witness the two women yelling at each other, and shouts, “Quiet! What the hell is going on here?”

Vina runs to Luke, while Cory says, “She wants me to do disgusting things! This trashy slut is ruining my life and I’m not going to take it anymore. I’m your wife!” Luke roughly grabs Cory. His stance is aggressive – violence waiting to explode. “You are to do as she says. I don’t want to hear you ever fucking disrespect her again. Do you understand?”

Cory, terrified, nods her head. Luke tells her to get out. Cory runs out of the room.

Luke and Vina fuck (doggy and missionary). When they’re done, the scene cuts to Cory in the kitchen. She’s pouring herself a strong drink to erase the horrible images which haunt her imagination. She takes a gulp from the cup. This is her one solace.

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