Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Lizzy – Pony slave Ridden Around the Grounds while slave girl Does Yard Work

It’s a beautiful autumn day. Chloe rides her male slave around the grounds while inspecting the work of her female. Her tiny, thin, slave girl is forced to rake the massive yard. The yard is so huge, Chloe doesn’t even want to walk around the entire area! That’s why she rides her sturdy male while observing the girl’s work. Chloe carries a whip while atop her mount. If the girl does a poor job with the lawn, she will be beaten. Straddling the large male’s shoulders, Chloe looms over the tiny girl brandishing the whip as a threat. Bored, Chloe leaves the girl and decides to trot her male deeper into the woods to gaze at the foliage. After some time, Chloe returns and is dissatisfied with the girl’s progress. She decides that she will make the girl sleep out in the cold pet house for the night. The girl must crawl into the kennel on all fours and remain there.

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