BrookelynneBriar – Wifey’s Cum Cuck Surprise

You come home to find me waiting up for you. I know that I first come off a little cold and bitchy about you getting home so late, but it’s only because I have been waiting all night to give you a special surprise. Once you have settled in, I lay back on the couch and spread my legs, revealing my wet pussy that is absolutely overflowing with cum! You stare at me in shock as the cum continues to flow out of me and I remind you that as your wife, I know all of your secret desires – even the ones of me fucking other men. I thought tonight, I would let you experience it in the flesh. Now, don’t be ungrateful! Do you know how many men I had to fuck today to get my pussy this full of cum! Get that cock out and let me watch you jerk it. I can see that you are rock hard, so there is no point in denying that you are incredibly aroused knowing that I was bred by several other men today, and now you want your turn. But not before I have make you stroke and edge for me. I want you give me the biggest load of all the men I had today. Once I feel that you are ready, I demand that you fuck me fast and hard, egging you on by telling you how much I love being filled with the cum of other men. You are determined to be the best fuck that I have had today. You pound me until I am shaking and cumming on your slick cock, finally allowing yourself the victory of blowing the final load of the night into my pussy.

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