BruceAndMorgan – Dripping Wet

It’s another one of our experimental “nonchalant” series, where I go about the normal activities of my day seemingly unaware that I’m getting drenched in Bruce’s piss! I know this won’t be to everyone’s taste but i can’t help myself – this is what turns me on the most these days. I love the idea that I am getting defiled and degraded without my knowledge or ability to do anything about it – that Bruce can “have is way” with me and I am powerless to resist. It seems to be a popular concept in japanese porn, but not in western culture sadl

A short video which starts with Morgan brushing her teeth. Bruce pisses all over her while she keeps on brushing and looking in the mirror. In the second scene we see Morgan cleaning the floor, but then enters Bruce who pisses all over Morgan, who keeps cleaning unfazed by the torrent of piss landing on her.

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