Butt3rflyforU – Admit It You Want To Fuck Mommy (01.02.2019)

Mommy walks in on you talking to your friend, who is confiding in you by telling you he has the hots for his own mom. Mommy overheard you speaking to him and you were making fun of him for wanting to fuck his mom. So I come in and I am wearing a half cropped top showing lots of underboob with tiny shorts shorts showing mommy’s hot tiny white thong. I ask how you like my outfit and you reply “fine”. I say, “just fine” and you start squirming in your chair and getting very nervous. I ask if you are ok… I bend over and shake my hot ass in your face. I tell you that we could just cut the chase and go to bed early tonight and make the sheets nice and wet if you just admit that you want to fuck your mother too!!!!!!!! You tell me to stop calling you “baby boy” and that it is gross to think that you would want to fuck me!!!! I tell you that you know it’s not good to talk back to mommy because mommy will punish you worse than when you were younger!!! You will have the worst case of blue balls ever as I squeeze my huge tits right in your face!!!! I get on your bed and begin to peel a banana and start sucking and licking the banana!!! “Mommy gives great blow jobs too baby boy”!!!!!! You are squirming in your chair so bad and biting down on your knuckle trying not to show just how hard your young cock gets when mommy teases you with a banana!!!! You can’t even focus on your studies any longer, even though you have a French test coming up. Mommy tells you that you need to learn to beg in 2 languages for sex. Mommy knows baby boy can do it!!! If you show mommy how fluent you are in 2 languages , then we can hit the sheets and really make them nice and wet right now!!!!! You get whinny and break down and admit it….you want to fuck your mother just like your best friend wants to fuck his mother!!!!!!

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