Butt3rflyforu - I Get To Sleep In Mommys Bed

Butt3rflyforu – I Get To Sleep In Mommys Bed

I come in your room late after I worked out at the gym in my tight fitting yoga top and camel toe yoga pants and tell you that the construction workers are working late and they will be finishing up the flooring in your bedroom and you won’t be able to sleep in your room for a week. I am the loving mommy and can imagine my boy sleeping on a sleeping bag on the hard marble floors so I tell you that you are free to sleep in my bed for the upcoming week. You begin to have all kinds of thoughts race through your head, and you of course take me up on the offer!The scene is of butt3rflyforu in pov fucking and blowing her son until she gets cum on her face from a dildo.

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