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Girls Getting Sleepy – Sleepy Oil 2 – Victoria

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Girls Getting Sleepy - Sleepy Oil 2 - Victoria Victoria's boyfriend leaves her a nice little surprise - a bottle of soothing baby oil which contains a special chemical that knocks her out when she rubs it int...

Girls Getting Sleepy – Katrina Chloroformed

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Katrina comes home to take an afternoon nap, but gets a rude awakening in the form of a chloroform soaked rag over her mouth. Katrina struggles and squirms for a bit, but succumbs to sleep. The intruder proceeds t...

GirlsGettingSleepy – Hemophobia – Victoria

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Victoria cuts her thumb with a knife and becomes hysterical at the sight of the blood. She has severe hemophobia and begins to panic. She faints on the kitchen floor and her boyfriend cannot wake her up. There isn...

Girls Getting Sleepy – 3 Girls chloro

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