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Goddess Alexandra Snow – High Priestess The Acolyte

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Featuring Cheyenne Jewell. I am the High Priestess of an elite all female cult who serves a strict and demanding Goddess. This acolyte is ready to progress to her final rank, so I must first purify her flesh w...

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Beautiful Feet Obsession

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Look how beautiful my anklet is... Doesn't it shine and glimmer? Now that you're properly inundated with your new programming, being obedient and docile as I instructed, it's time to go further. Not only will yo...

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Tit Indulgence

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You've been so obediently attending each and every one of your therapy sessions, haven't you? You've shed your sense of self the moment you walk into my office and offerred yourself up to me. I'm very ...