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Hypnoslaves – Brittany and Nails (part3)

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I ask the girls some questions about how long it’s been since the last time they had an orgasm and the last time that they have had sex. I then suggest that they will embrace me and feel that they are having...

Robomeats – Timestopped My Sister’s Girlfriend

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Starring Tiffany Fox and Rock Directed by Alex Dorian Rock has come home for a break from college, and his sister was supposed to pick him up at the airport, but she never showed, so he took a bus to h...

Hypno-Roulette – Fiona Nympette – Guy continues to control the girl he met through skype

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Part 2 She responds to a hypnotic trigger and s once again hypnotised. This time she is made to submit wear a collar and masturbate

Hypno-Roulette – Fiona Nympette – Girl gets hypnotized through a skype dating app

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Part 1 girl is hypnotised by static during a skype type call. She is made to undress and obey

Hypnoslaves – Brittany and Nails (part 2)

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I hypnotically reinforce the idea in the girls minds that when one of them feels pleasure, they both feel pleasure.

Hypnoslaves – Brittany and Nails (part1)

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I talk with Brittany and Nails about how they feel about being hypnotized briefly before using my trance triggers on them. With suggestions of arousal I use deepening techniques to take them in to a deep tranc...

Feet and Sleep – Lili Hypnotized

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Lili sits on the couch when a guy enters the room and wants to try a magic ring on her. After a moment she falls asleep and he tells her that he will be invisabe for her. When he snips with his finger Lili fal...

Xev Bellringer – Big Booty Teacher Brainwashed

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You would finally make your fantasy a reality today. She's completely unaware of your intentions, but it didn't matter. You would defile your teacher's irresistible voluptuous body and use her big round ass wi...

Feet and Sleep – Lili vs Darts fas

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Agents Lili enter the room to find some secret documents when a guy attacks her with some sleepy darts. Her eyes roll back and she faints. While asleep her high heels are removed and one can take a look at h...

BrainWashedTeens – Carter Cruise

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The Doctor's new sex slave is possibly his favorite. He's taken plenty of time training Carter Cruise to become the perfect obedient slut for his horny needs. He's done such aa good job. All she has on her m...

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