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Primal Fetish – Wonder Woman Ragged and Ravaged

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Wonder Woman hunts down sinister scientist Dr. D. Ranged after hearing of the horrific results of his twisted experiments. But she doesn't know she's about to meet one of his biggest experiments first hand. A ...

Primal Fetish – The Huntress – Taken by the Invisible Stalker – Casey Calvert

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After my success with beautiful Batgirl I am completely confident in my invisibility spray. I lay a trap for The scantily clad slut known as The Huntress. Of course, being so bold and confident, she struts right i...

Xplicitfilms – Brooklyn Chase – A New Army

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summation, it's a conventional setup: superheroine looking for other missing superheroine encounters bad guy in empty room soon-to-be torture chamber. however, both actors embark on this cat-and-mouse game of sexu...

Enthusiastic Participation II, Part 2

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Enthusiastic Participation II, Part 1

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David Maxwell is reaching for new heights and wants to add SuperiorGirl to his collection of Superheroines under his control. He lures the princess of power to the scene of his last crime under a false invitation ...

Solaria – The Hunt from The Battle for Earth

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It has been 15 years since her mother’s capture and disappearance, and young Solaria wears her mother’s symbol with pride. An informant called Razor contacts her saying he has information about her mother. After p...

[Tropic City Heroines] High Five: The Violation Of Supergirl

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Supergirl bursts in on Lady Dementia. She thinks she is there to arrest her. But Lady Dementia has taken down too many Superheroines before her. Lady Dementia has a power stealing gem and uses it to quickly sap al...

Secret Heroine Films – Starlet-Trinity – Ashley Lane

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Starlet is the last surviving person from her home planet. That is until she discovers the Phantom Zone device that was used to imprison criminals. Starlet decides that she will free Ursa, a “reformed” criminal, i...

XXXtremeComiXXX – Not So Fast Violet Monroe Forced Sex

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The Evil Doctor finally finds a way to capture his natural enemy The Flash by disabling her speed function with his high tech watch. As soon as her energy field is near, The Evil Doctor catches her in his dastardl...

[Primal’s Darkside Superheroine] – Quinn Wilde – Wonder Quinn Enslaved

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A mighty heroine's wrath can be heard in the distance as shots fly and guards fall. Legion frantically fiddles with his new device as his last and strongest guard bursts into the room mid-battle. Having deflected ...

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