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Cory’s Superheroine Adventures – Dillion Carter – Assassin’s Revenge

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Where is Sarah Robert's girlfriend Sarah is in trouble. To keep her safe she is hidden away and only Robert knows where she is. The assassin Viper is hired to find her at all costs, even if that means dest...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Supergirl: Interrogated and Broken XXX

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Supergirl was tipped off to the location of General Thorn's compound and fights her way through to the man himself. His guard fires a barrage of bullets at the superheroine, but they bounce off of her like p...

Feet and Sleep – Lili vs Darts fas

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Agents Lili enter the room to find some secret documents when a guy attacks her with some sleepy darts. Her eyes roll back and she faints. While asleep her high heels are removed and one can take a look at h...

Cory’s Superheroine Adventures – Alora Jaymes – Give me the weapon

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Backstory: Lady Venom has learned of a new weapon being developed by the Justice Council to rid the world of her venomous grasp. Leading the project is none other than one of her rivals: Wunder Gurl. Lady Veno...

Melanie Hicks – Poison Ivy Seduction – Domination and Double Cross

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Scene One: Seduction of The Punisher The beautiful and Poison Ivy gives Punisher poison to drink, telling him it will cure him and unties him from the bed. can't do this” Punisher says as Poison Ivy strips o...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Lone Wolf – Ambushed and Taken – Rose Red

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Superheroine Super Spy Lone Wolff has penetrated the safe house of a most wanted crime lord Son Anthony. She easily takes out his security and confronts the boss in his office.

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Supra Girl Meets Her Biggest Fan – Vanessa Cage

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Supra Girl has had a thing for Captain Mar'Velle for a long time so when she gets a voice mail from him to meet at secluded place for sometime together she is very excited. When she arrives at the locatio...

Xplicit Films – Defeated Heroines – Superheroine Ransom 5

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The movie starts with the Emerald Avenger unconscious and in chains in Darkskull's dungeon. Darkskull has a video camera going and he's streaming to the whole world saying that the Emerald Avenger is being h...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Elena Koshka – Superior Girl’s Downfall: Malador’s Revenge

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Malador may be an evil genius, but his physical strength is pathetic next to amazonian beauty Superior Girl. She has no trouble taking him out and sending him to prison. But 3 years later, she hears tale of hi...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Breaking In Batgirl – Sarah Brooke & Alura Jenson

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Batgirl hunts down new mob boss Big Bolzini, but she wasn't prepared for his hired muscle: the relentless and ungodly strong Blue Demon. Batgirl is shocked to see the malevolent amazon outside of a prison cell...

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