You call your sister. “Did mom tell you about the medication I’m on?” you ask her. Vanessa’s face takes on a strange look as you explain the side effects to her. Vanessa will have to take care of your sexual needs. “I don’t care what mom says, there’s no way I’m not doing that.” She says in a snotty voice. What Vanessa doesn’t know is that mom gave you the perfect way to make your sister do whatever you want. Grandma has a huge inheritance for her two grandchildren but with a morality clause. Vanessa made some porn videos when she needed money and if her grandmother ever found out she would be out of the inheritance completely. Vanessa puts her head in her hands, feeling her whole world collapsing around her.

“Just take care of my issues until mom gets back” you plead with her. “I can’t believe your blackmailing me with this” She says angrily. “I don’t have a choice now do I?” she says when you ask her to strip. She takes off her clothes and pulls down her pink cotton panties before getting to her knees. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. Lets just get this over with.” she says as she puts your cock in her mouth. Your sister sucks your rock hard penis and drains your painfully filled balls. The warm gliding mouth sliding up and down feels amazing. Your sister gives great head. You cum as she sucks and the cum shoots into her mouth. “Way to warn me! The cum just shot down the back of my throat, oh my god” She yells at you coughing.

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