Cory Chase In Dark Super Girl Vs The Revenge Crew

High Frequency After a night of crime and mayhem, super criminal High Frequency wanted to enjoy a sports drink and relax. Just once sip into his evening, Dark Super Gurl flies, picks him up, and throws him across the room. Before he can react, Dark Super Gurl blasts him in the chest with her heat vision. Now High Frequency is no average man, he is weakened by blasts but is not destroyed. After he catches his breath, he uses his sonic voice to overwhelm DSG’s oversensitive hearing. She drops to her knees and he is about to dish out a special form of underworld justice. High Frequency picks her up and is about to have some fun when she super punches him in the gut, launching him to the couch. DSG strips him and uses him as her new sex toy and High Frequency is helpless to stop her. After DSG gets what she wants, she reminds him she will be back daily for his seed and cock! Mr. Tropical The next day, High Frequency took the day off. He wanted to relax with some chips and a power drink. Dark Super Gurl flies in and blasts him with her heat vision. High Frequency did not have time to put up a defense and quickly falls over. She reaches down to take his seed when the door opens. It’s someone DSG has never seen. He introduces himself as Mr. Tropical. DSG has no time for games and shoots her heat vision at him. He appears to absorb the blasts and throws the energy back at her. DSG is down and it’s time for pay back. This time High Frequency is the boss and fucks her like she deserves to be. He fucks her backwards, sideways and in-between and in the end, Mr. Tropical tells her, “Don’t fuck with the Revenge Crew!” Time to find some more super heroines to destroy with their cocks

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