Dixie Comet - Craigslist Apartment Hunting Gone Wrong
Carissa comes to look at an apartment for rent that she found on Craigslist. Dixie, the owner, shows the girl around the place…she’s been waiting for the right one to show up and Carissa might just be her. When they get upstairs and as Carissa is admiring the bathroom, Dixie brings out a rag and puts Carissa down for a nap. She plays with her limp body and then drags her off into the bedroom for the next part of the tour.

Carissa wakes up to find herself tied up and naked on a bed with Dixie laying next to her. Before Carissa can make a peep, Dixie puts her hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Dixie explains that the place is actually not for rent and that is was just a ploy to find a hot bitch to check out the apartment so that she could keep her as a little play toy. Carissa pleads to be let go but Dixie responds by shoving panties in her mouth to gag her. She rolls Carissa on her side and tastes that pretty little butthole of Carissa’s. She then ties a crotch rope on her but then decides she wants to fuck her with a strap-on. She lets Carissa struggle as she puts her cock on-Dixie gets Carissa face down ass up, moves the crotch rope off to the side and fucks that pussy iuntil she cums on that cock. Dixie throws Carissa into a hogtie and leaves her on the bed to struggle while Dixie goes and freshens up for round two.


Bondage, Lezdom


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