Dream Or Real#8 By Karla Kush

Karla and Isiah are a married Couple who have Decided that they can’t make it work and have organized to get a divorce. When Isiah Arrives at Karla’s house to sign the paperwork. They end up in a dream or Reality on the couch and can’t keep their hands off each other. It starts with some heavy kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off and Isiah getting a very intents blowjob, this is then followed by Isiah taking Karla’s Pants off then going down on her, licking and eating her pussy out from behind making her moan intensely with pleasure. He then Flips her over on the couch and inserts his big black penis DEEP so deep that it hits the back of her vaginal wall she lets out a scream of pain and pleasure too which she nearly can’t take it being so deep in her pussy it makes her scream in pleasure, they both continue to fuck missionary for a while, He then picks her up and fucks her standing up in in missionary slamming his Big Black Cock deep inside making her want it more and more. Then they retreat to the couch once again and Karla Rides his cock relentlessly and cums on it over and over again. Isiah then picks her up again Fucks her against the wall slamming that cock into her wet dripping pussy. She then proceeds to give him another blow job. Then they stand up and Isiah takes her from behind and in standing doggy, deeply penetrates her again so much so that it makes her squirt multiple times everywhere and all over his cock. She is so impressed with this she gives him another quick blowy. Then he picks her up again and fucks her standing again until he can’t take it anymore, his creamy cock starts pulsating, ejaculates and cums Deep in her pussy. When he removes his cock the cum starts dripping out. Karla then wants to taste it and cleans every drop of cum off and out of his cock. The scene then cuts back to the couch too them waking up all flustered and Karla suggests that it’s not time for divorce.
She just loves that Big Black Cock of Isiah’s too much to let it go.

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