Elise Graves and Kino Payne – Upon Impact

I want to seduce you with pain until you really want it. Crave it. Need it. This is the philosophy that guides me in playing with Kino on this day. I stuff his face with a large sponge and brutally tape his lower face to ensure that he remains oh so quiet. I tie his ankles to a thin piece of bamboo – ensuring that he can not protect himself and instead presenting a vulnerable canvas for me to work on. His wrists are tied overhead, completing the stretched out, vulnerable position. He is then hooded so as to remove his sight, make him aware of his breathing, and to heighten his sense of helplessness. For a solid 45 minutes or so, I seduce Kino with pain until he begins to crave more. The end result is one very bruised butt and a happy Kino Payne.

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