Enthusiastic Participation II, Part 1

David Maxwell is reaching for new heights and wants to add SuperiorGirl to his collection of Superheroines under his control. He lures the princess of power to the scene of his last crime under a false invitation from her friend Ms Marvel. As soon as SuperiorGirl steps foot into her former friends home, David goes to work. He blackmails SuperiorGirl and exposes her to a lab created Red Kryptonight that not only drains her powers, but acts as a sexual stimulant!

David takes full advantage of the situation and humiliates the helpless SuperiorGirl and exploring her prone body. David lets her regain some strength but she quickly finds out that exposure to the Red Kryptonight left her sexually charged, making her defeat even more humiliating. SuperiorGirl is forced to endure all of Davids twisted ideas, desires, and positions but her situation only gets worse when she is whored off to the highest bidder! SuperiorGirl comes face to face with notorious serial killer The Jeckle who wants nothing more than to experience the pleasures of dominating the Girl of Steel!

Enthusiastic Participation II is a sexually charged peril movie with a dose of psychological adversities. Though there is an epic slapping scene, this is not a beatdown movie… If seeing Gigi Allens in the 1984 costume portraying a strong and confident SG who is drugged with a new Red Kryptonight and blackmailed into a life of sex and manipulation sounds interesting, you should love it.

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