Girls Getting Sleepy – Creepy Photographer – Lily

Lily is being stalked by a creepy photographer who just can’t seem to leave her alone. She’s tried to ignore him, but this time he shows up at her home uninvited. He’s brought a camera with a special flash on it that puts Lily to sleep when she looks at it. Lily fights to stay awake as her eyes roll up, but she eventually succumbs to sleep. Now her sleeping, limp body is his to play with as he pleases.

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  • dude that was awesome stuff man. Keep on doin’ what you doin’ man and keep them vids comin’, bro. The Fetishman Era is upon is you know what I’m sayin’? Fetishman Corporation gonna be open for business. You the king for real. You a legend for this for real. You the president, you the emperor, you the king. You the top dawg in here. Love the work that you do fam. Got mad respect for you man. Love you bro. Much love to you man. Keep representin’, man. Fetishman Inc. gonna open soon

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      ha ha ha Thanks buddy, but Fetishman Inc is not gonna happen