Girls Getting Sleepy – Erin chloroformed

Erin is on a morning stroll through her neighborhood when she is knocked out with chloroform and abducted by a stranger. She wakes up to find herself topless and barefoot in the strange man’s van, only to knocked out with another dose of chloroform. The next time she wakes up, she is on the floor in his apartment and has apparently become his sleeping rag doll, and about to take another nap

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  • Scott Wilkie 1 year ago

    Awesome job if you can upload more with sock removal in it From ggs

    Much appreciated

  • Some guy 1 year ago

    Hey there could you upload:

    Parker Chloroformed
    Samantha Chloroformed


    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Hey bro, I’m guessing that we’ve already got “Parker Chloroformed” but i’m not sure about that, We’ll consider it.