Helena Price – Mom Helps Son Stay Out Of Trouble

Mom Helps Son To Stay Out Of Trouble Part 1

I spent all summer at a juvenile boot camp because i was selling illegal substances at school. when the summer ended mom picked me up from camp and brought me home. when we walked in the front door mom started breaking my balls right away, she told me to take my stuff to my room and then to come find her. i found mom in the kitchen doing dishes, she stared telling me i was lucky to just be on probation instead of jail. then she started laying down all the new rules in the house and informed me about my curfew. i pretend to listen but all i could think about was the party i was going to that night to see my girlfriend Ashley. i snuck out to the party and had a great time and around 3 am i was sneaking back into the house, i got in the front door and started creeping to my room. when i opened my bedroom door i found mom sitting on my bed, she busted me and started tearing into me. i was pretty tipsy from the party and asked if we could chat about it in the morning and she reluctantly agreed. the next morning mom burst into my room, turned on my light and started grilling me about why i risked everything to sneak out last night. i decided to be honest and tell her the truth. i reminded mom that i spent all summer in a hot smelly work camp with nothing but a bunch of dudes. i just wanted to spend some time with a woman and Ashley was a smoking hot woman! Mom thought about it for a minute and then got a wicked smile on her face. she asked me if i knew who else was a smoking hot woman. i asked her who, she smiled and said she was, then she dropped her robe and stood there in nothing but a tank top and panties. she pulled down my blanked and she noticed i slept naked, she reached over and started playing with my dick. i was shocked and nervous but the feeling of her hand on my dick was amazing and i was hard in no time. she told me she didn’t want me to throw my life away by risking getting into more trouble just to see a girl. so from now on when i was horny i should talk to her! mom just bent over the bed and jerking me off until i blew a huge load for her. This is part 1 of Mom Helps Son To Stay Out Of Trouble, This series stars Helena Price. This is a POV Milf Taboo Cheating CFNM Handjob scene.

Mom Helps Son To Stay Out Of Trouble Part 2

I had some great news so when i got home i went to find mom. i found mom sitting in the kitchen, we said hi and made some small talk. mom could tell i was excited and asked what was up. i pulled out two pieces of paper and gave her the first one. it was a letter from my probation officer saying i had passed all my piss tests and was becoming a model citizen and if i kept it up i could expect an early end to my probation. mom was over joyed so i gave her the second piece of paper which was my report card saying not only was i passing all my classes but also i was getting all A’s! Mom got even more excited and told me she was super proud of me. i thanked her and told her the only way i was able to do so well was because of the rewards she had been using to motivate me. the last couple of weeks mom had been rewarding me with handjobs to make sure i behave. when we started our naughty reward system i thought i was weird but i really wanted to bust a nut but more and more i was realizing how hot mom was and i wanted us to do more. so now i had mom in a good mood with the all the good news i had just given her i decided to take a chance. i asked mom since i did so well i was hoping that maybe i could get a bigger reward since i did so good? mom got a smile on her face and told me to go get comfortable in my room and she would try and come up with something! a few minutes later i was laying naked in my bed when mom walked in, she smiled and said she was happy to see i was ready. she stood at the foot of my bed and slowly pulled her dress over her head and she wasn’t wearing a bra! so now mom was topless and she slowly crawled up on the bed between my legs. i thought i was going to get a topless handjob but boy was i wrong, mom lowered her head down to my cock and took it into her mouth. my beautiful sexy topless mom sucked me dry and just made me want to do even better with life! This is part 2 of Mom Helps Son To Stay Out Of Trouble, this series stars Helena Price. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Topless Blowjob Scene.

Mom Helps Son To Stay Out Of Trouble Part 3

i was super excited to come home and tell her all about my good news. i walked into the living room and found mom sitting in the couch. we made some small talk and she could tell i was excited, she asked me what was going on? i showed her my letter form my probation officer and saying i had been released early form my probation for good behavior. mom was super excited and happy for me but before she could say anything else i showed her my acceptance letter to community college. mom just kept telling me she was so proud so i figured i push my luck an ask for a special reward. mom got a big smile on her face and told me to go get ready in my room! i was lying naked on my bed when mom walked in, she stood at the foot of my bed and slowly stripped off all her clothes. once she was completely naked she crawled up onto the bed between my legs, grabbed my cock and started sucking it! i thought my mom giving me a naked blowjob was all i was gonna get but to my welcome surprise i was wrong! mom stood over me and lowered herself down onto my cock and we started fucking. Cumming deep inside my mothers pussy was the best motivation ever to turn my life around! This is part 3 of Mom Helps Son To Stay Out Of Trouble, this series stars Helena Price. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Naked Blowjob Sex Scene.

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