Helena Price – Son Keeps Perving On Mom (22.06.2018)

After i saw mom masturbating yesterday thinking about my hard cock rubbing on her i knew i was gonna have some fun this morning. i walked into the kitchen to say good morning to my mom and then acted like i was trying to slide past her but i really was pressing my hard cock into her ass. she turned around and yelled for me to knock it off. i told her i couldn’t my self, shes just so beautiful. i also said i couldn’t understand why she was upset since i saw her masturbating about me yesterday. she froze for a second then told me my dad was upstairs hetting ready, she told me to sit down and wait for him to leave for work and then we can talk or something. when dad left mom walked back into the kitchen, she was hoding some lube and a towel. i asked what she had in mind, mom spun around and slowly started lowering her shorts. she told me since i loved her ass so much and since my cock was always hard i might as well get this out of my system. she lube up her ass cheeks and crack then bent over and told me to hump her ass. she want me so slide my hard cock up and down her ass cheeks and of course i did. why i was moving my dick in between moms big ass cheeks she was masturbating and it was a race to see who would cum first. im now looking forward to getting up for school every morning!

My mom walked into the kitchen after i finished my breakfast, i asked her if she could let me do what i did yesterday? she told me to wait till dad left for work, i could hardly contain my excitement. when dad was gone mom walked back into the kitchen with towel and some lube, she dropped her robe and lubed up her ass. before i knew my cock was sliding up and down her juicy ass. she kept telling me i needed to hurry and i kept telling her that i needed more time. finally mom told me to sit down in the chair and she would finish me off, i didn’t know what she meant till she grabbed my dick and started jerking! she told me she couldn’t let me go to school this worked up, my mom milked my dick with her soft hands. i couldn’t imagine a better way to start the day, i cant wait till tomorrow!

Me and mom have been getting into a pretty steady rhythm with our morning fun! this morning was no different as soon as dad was gone i was all over mom trying to get her to be naughty for me. this morning i decided i wanted more, i wanted mom to suck my dick! she put up a little resistance but eventually she gave in. before i knew it i had mom naked and sucking my dick in the living room. moms lips were so tender and smooth sliding up and down on my dick, when i did finally cum mom swallowed every drop!

I was doing the dishes before i had to leave for school, dad had already left for work. while i was standing over the sink mom walked in and with a big naughty grin on her face! she told me that she just called me in sick at school so i was gonna be staying home with her all day. i asked what we were gonna be doing and she just giggled like a little girl and told me to meet her in her room in 5 minutes. i walked in to mom and dads room and mom was laying on her bed naked. she told me to take my pants off and before i knew it she was giving me one hell of a blowjob! the she made me fuck her brains out, we stayed in bed the whole day and mom let me use her body however i wanted.

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