Shelby answered an ad for a model, she didn’t normally shoot with people she didn’t know but needed the money to fix her car. She talked to the photographer over the phone and he was really nice, he even offered to pick her up from the bus station and drive her to the shoot since it was out of the city. Wow how could she be so lucky….. Well he picked her up brought her to a house that was empty except for in one room there was a video camera, some lights, a computer and big screen tv’s on the wall. She thought it was kind of weird but whatever… He has her stand against the wall while he sets the camera up, she is a little confused as to why there is so much video equipment but he really wouldn’t answer her. Once he is set up he tells her to get undressed but she refuses, she is not that type of model. He tries talking with her but she is not going to have it, so he takes matters into his own hands. He grabs her by the throat and explains to her what is about to happen. She is going to be sold to the highest bidder

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