Jane Cane – Stoner Mom Truth or Dare, Complete Series

Stoner Mom Truth or Dare, Part 1 – 12:23 Son comes home to find his mother on the couch in their living room super high. She had been cleaning his bedroom and found his stash of cannabis. She is already depressed that he will be leaving for college soon and thought she would indulge in a few hits, but it hit her really hard. Wade can’t stop laughing at his mom in this condition and mom is just enjoying this time alone with her son. Wade wants to have some fun with his mom and starts to play ‘truth or dare’ with her by asking her personal questions about her younger days and smoking with her. Her answers surprisingly make him super hard. Mom is feeling frisky and flirty and starts to rub her pussy as she answers him. Then, she starts to stroke his cock. Wade can’t believe what his mom is doing! He knows it’s wrong, but it feels so good. He can’t hold it in, he accidentally cums all over mom’s hands. He then dares mom to put his cock in her mouth and get him hard again. Will she do it? Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, handjob, hand job, pov, amateur, milf, blowjob, blow job, redhead

Stoner Mom Truth or Dare, Part 2 – 12:21 Wade is so shocked. He can’t believe an innocent game of playing truth or dare with his mom while she is high has led to her mouth around his cock. She really knows what she is doing! He can’t stop thinking about the way his mom was fingering her pussy just a little while ago and how wet she was. He wants to be inside of her. To his surprise, mom dares him to let him put his cock inside of her. He can’t believe he is getting to fuck his own mother. And now she’s begging him to cum all over her big tits! Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blowjob, blow job, pov, amateur, milf, redhead, cum on tits, pawg

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