Kathia Nobili – Mommy is only YOURS! NO ONE else will ever take her away from you

Now you really crossed the line! You’ve been hiding your feeling for so long from your mother, you never told her you don’t feel like only son to her…you need her…you love her and you want that your mother become to be the only woman in your life, in your bed…forever only her!

But you keep that secret for your self to long…and now…your mom is dating and she wants you to go to dinner with her and her new boyfriend!!! You can’t do that…she can’t…your mom can’t have a important relationship with some asshole!!! You should be in his place…you should be her MAN!!!

No you can’t let that happen! It’s NOW OR NEVER!!! You’re man with the plan!!!

So you acting like a jerk…since the moment he steps in your and your mom’s house…and now your plan works just fine…you made HIM so pissed off…he let like an torpedo from the house! You didn’t expect your mommy will run after him!!!

And now she just getting back to you and screaming with you…how you could act like this…how you…her beloved son could act like a jerk. So you going into the fight…how lonely she feels and how difficult it’s to find nice man when she is the single mother!!! She just go on and on…AND in that moment you blow her mind away…all the screaming stops with your words that YOU SHOULD BE ONLY MAN IN HER LIFE! Because you love her so much as any man ever could!!! Yes your mother is love of your life!

And you were hoping one day she will return your love…you just didn’t know it’s going to happen so soon after your confession!

Your mom comes close to you and caress you…now she understand you’ve been just protective and jealous! But no more! You deserve happiness and love both of you! And you will be just perfect, secret obliviously, couple!

And then the best make out moments came! You’re feeling your moms hot body on yours…her warm, soft skin…and then she take your hardness in her mouth! The pleasure you could never subscribe…your mom blowing your cock! And then…warm, wet pussy…mommy’s pussy. She just sit on your cock and made such a erotic moves you have hard time not to cum!!! And she wants you to!!! You and your mom just having amazing orgasm together! And this is just a beginning! Yes just the start of amazing life with your mom as your woman…as your love!!!

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