Kendra James Superheroine World – Batwoman & The Curse Of The Vampire feat. Kendra James & Star Nine

Batwoman receives a distress call from the governor’s house, it seems his daughter is in some sort of trouble. She arrives to find the girl whimpering and cowering in the corner. Trying to find out what happened and if there’s an intruder in the house, the Scarlet bat approaches the distressed young woman. Slowly the pretty blond starts an evil laugh building to a full-blown cackle. Batwoman does not know what to make of this and realizes too late that the girl has been infected by none other than a Vampire. The demonic beast bares her teeth and pounces on the hero with lighting speed, easily mesmerizing the unfortunate heroine. Nosferatu has the Batwoman under her spell and plays with her like a puppet, guiding her every movement and using her body however she wants. Batwoman is forced to do a slow strip tease which builds to the spellbound hero on her knees pleasuring the evil beast’s succulent wet pussy, lapping at it until the vampire moans in ecstasy. Satisfied herself, the vampire now wants to violate her new sex slave so she brandishes her huge strapon forcing the mesmerized hero onto her knees to suck it before ramming it deep into Batwoman’s quivering cunt. The hero moans out in shock and pleasure as her capture fucks her exposed and vulnerable pussy. With every thrust Batwoman loses a bit of her soul to the succubus until she finally submits and lets out a screaming, squirting orgasm. Satisfied by how well her powers have taken control of the mindless hero, the Vampire decides to turn the detective completely and make her an undead minion. She lifts her head displaying her razor sharp fangs just before she bites down on the Batwomans creamy white neck. Batwoman screams in pain, her eyes flutter and close. A moment later she awakens, eyes wide and reborn, hungry for flesh.

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