Lily Lou & Clarabelle Woods – Cuckold You

I’m (Lily Lou) so excited to be able to do ass stretching before pegging. You don’t have a strap-on and want me to borrow your roommate Clarabelle Woods? It’s wrong to steal but hot knowing that we’re using the strapon she uses in her girlfriend’s pussy. Would you believe she caught us and scolds us for using her pussy only strapon! She’s angry that we stole from her and doesn’t think you’re ready to be pegged, so she’s going to be banging me instead. If she can’t fuck me, you have to move out! Clarabelle pulls my tits out for nipple pinching and I go on my hands and knees for cock sucking. Too bad it isn’t your hard dick getting the blowjob! She’s going to turn me into a lesbian! you want to stroke your hard dick? We don’t know if you are responsible enough for masturbating and tease and deny with our ass shaking. Putting me in missionary style, she starts fucking me hard so my bouncing tits drive you wild. Begging is required if you want to start jerking off. We want to hear you grovel before giving jerk off encouragement. you can give yourself a hairbrush fucking while watching us in doggystyle. She loves my big ass jiggling and boob bouncing, wondering if you give me a hard pounding as well as she does? Continue anal stretching with your hairbrush because you need to prove you’re ready for a strap-on fucking by giving yourself an asshole stretching. It must be humiliating that her big strap-on feels better than your little cock in my wet pussy. Having a body shaking orgasm, I can’t get over how her fake cock feels better than your real cock! you can always do ass to mouth with your brush if you want to taste your ass juices. We want you to give a big load and give yourself a facial. If you don’t cum on face, you can’t cum at all. We’ll give you an orgasm countdown and don’t waste any jizz.

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