A bald young man dressed in a t-shirt and jean shorts argues with his sister, a long-haired brunette in short shorts and a purple top. She tells him that he needs to clean the garage, he’s a lazy chauvinist who thinks cleaning is women’s work. She tells him that one day he’ll understand how difficult it is to be a woman and leaves. He goes to sleep on the couch. When he wakes up, he discovers that he’s become a woman, with long brown hair and pink lipstick, but still dressed in his t-shirt and shorts. His sister comes home and demands to know who this woman is, but she eventually convinces her that she’s her brother. The sister makes him undress and suggests that in order to change back, he needs to get an injection of male hormones through having sex with a man. She dresses him up in very feminine clothes, including high heels and a skirt, and encourages him to get to know his new pussy while they wait for her friend to arrive. Her male friend arrives, and the camera switches to first-person POV for awhile, while he fondles the brother’s tits and fucks him doggy style and missionary on the couch. The brother is disgusted through the whole process, until the end when he begins to have an orgasm.

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