Ludella Hahn – Doctors Orders

Wear headphones for optimal experience.* “So how have you been feeling since the last treatment? Mmmhmmm…” Your hot doctor nods, expecting that you’d have no luck with something so conventional. Lucky for you, she has something a bit more experimental for you to try. “Are you game?” She grins seductively. You agree, especially since she says that the side effects have been immensely pleasurable for her other patients. She’s so pleased that you’ve agreed and she has you sign a waiver. Then she tells you that she has to kiss you, because the treatment is in her lipstick. You consent, and she leans in close with her juicy lips puckered. “Mmmmmm…” She moans, kissing you again and again. Everything begins to look a little off…and feels more intense as she pulls away. “There, that wasn’t so bad…” She grins. “It just takes a minute or so to take effect.” She looks down at the bulge in your pants and grins. “Ohhhh…I can see that it’s already working…” She laughs, taking her glasses off. “Now tell me…is anything seeming a little UNUSUAL to you?” She grins mischievously as she begins to unbutton her lab coat. She comes in close and you begin to see two of her…one trailing the other…which lends to a more tactile, immersive sensation…like there are multiples of her brushing against you. “Don’t fight it… You’re on this journey now. Just GIVE IN….” She grins, taking off the lab coat. “Let go… Let it take hold of you… And listen to my voice… Let it guide you… Let it CONTROL you…” She continues to take you under her control…and soon you’re seeing mesmerizing visuals pulling you deeper into her seductive voice and deliciously curvy body. “Just give in….” She moans. She leans in and begins kissing you again, more passionately this time and you’re seeing multiple of her again…like you’re being kissed by multiple Ludellas moaning in your ears. “Mmmm…yesss! Is it getting more SENSUAL? EROTIC? It’s all part of the process…” She squeezes her juicy tits. “It will make you FEEL BETTER…” She moans out. She continues to guide you with her voice and seduce you with their curves, hopping onto the exam table onto all fours and bouncing her ass back. “Don’t fight it… EMBRACE IT!” She encourages you to grab your cock and stroke as the music and visuals intensify. “You’re going to want to cum…and I want you to…because once you do, you sign yourself over to me. It was in the contract… Didn’t you read it?” She grins mischievously. She moans and bounces her big juicy tits up and down up close to you. “You WILL cum… It’s hard not to with the feelings you’re feeling. You’re on a trip you can’t control…” She leans in to kiss you some more. “Mmmmmm…. Ohhhh! Ahhhhh!” She sticks out her tongue, dripping drool while she squeezes her tits and bounces up and down, moaning erotically. She continues to encourage you to stroke while she takes you deeper on this mindfuck of a mesmerizing trip. “It’s worth it to you to cum for me, even if it means I’ll OWN YOU. You LOVE the idea of being owned by a hot, curvy redhead like me… OH YEAH!” She thrusts herself into the exam table. “I need you to cum for me…because I need subjects for my experiments…” She laughs. “Oh don’t worry! They’ll be FUN!” You begin to wonder if she might be a super villain of some kind with the way she seems to be getting off on all of this, but you’re in so deep that you don’t even care. You want to stroke for her. You WANT to cum…even though it means you’ll belong to her if you do. It’s all you can think about right now, so you follow your Doctor’s orders. She tells you she’s going to do a countdown, then she kisses you again and again to make this the most trippy and intense part yet. “Are you READY? Is everything getting MORE INTENSE? You’re going to want to RELEASE that. So grip TIGHTLY, and get ready to blow that load!” She begins to countdown as she teases you with her body, her sexy voice, and breathy moans. When she tells you to cum, the intensity is otherworldly. “There…you’re MINE now. I hope you’re ready for all kinds of experiments… It’s going to be really, REALLY FUN.” She grins. She prescribes you return tomorrow for another round of treatment, but before she sends you away, she gives you one more trippy kiss. And you find yourself not caring that she owns you. In fact, you’re looking forward to her experiments… What fun will you experience next? 😉

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