Ludella Hahn – The Librarians GIANTESS Transformation

The librarian was not going to make it. She was fading more and more each day. But luckily for her, the admirer she chatted with daily online was able to formulate a “cure” for her condition. He shipped it to her, though it had technically not undergone human testing yet.

“So I would be the first human test subject? I guess if I’m going to go anyway, I might as well contribute to science…” She says, before being taken by another coughing fit. “I’m glad you could chat with me today, so that you can witness the results… Bottoms up…” She grins weakly before unplugging the tube of formula and drinking from it. Before she can even finish, she’s hit with intense pain that causes her whole body to quake and writhe before falling to the floor. From the view of his computer screen, POV cannot see her writhing on the floor. He can only hear the sounds of her body straining and clothes tearing as he waits for the results. Will it work?

When she rises back up, she is a changed woman. Not only is she brimming with health and vitality, but her appearance has changed, too. Her hair is wild and luscious and her whole physique has become more thick and toned. Her boobs are larger as is her bottom and she’s torn through all her garments with her growth. She shows off her new look, sensually rubbing her hands up her thighs and inspecting her new curves. Her skirt has two large rips down the back from her increased buttcheeks. Her blouse is almost in shreds, and feeling high on power, she tears open the rest of her blouse by hand, and eventually takes it off completely. Such a HUGE transformation in this once sick and feeble librarian.

“I feel like a GODDESS! Look how I’ve grown! I’ve torn my clothing…” She says, elated. “I want to thank you in person…for making me into a new woman… You know where I live. Meet me in the forest out back at nightfall.” She instructs with a sly grin before disconnecting their video chat.

When POV arrives in the forest, she’s wearing a new pair of glasses as well as a new outfit: a red button crop top and a black leather pencil skirt. “I just want to thank you for my new look…” She grins, sensually showing off her new curves for you. “I really feel like a GODDESS now. I have been reborn SUPERIOR. Superior to you…almost like I could CRUSH you beneath my curves…like a GIANTESS…” She strokes your chin. “You see, I have this power pulsing through me. It’s WILD and so strong and POWERFUL. I can barely keep it inside… I want to unleash it–to let it out… I feel as though I may GROW! Like I may become more and more powerful…reaching my full potential as a GODDESS. It’s begging to be let out…and I’m holding it in as long as I can, but goodness do I want to GROW! As you can see, it has me quite worked up…” She laughs. “I want to give you a little gift for this gift you’ve given me. I’m going to let you cum one last time. I’m going to let you cum to this glorious curvaceous GODDESS body of mine…” She grins, caressing her curves.

She wants to know if you knew all along that this would happen to her. “I’m not mad–I’m PLEASED. I mean, look at me now! I’ve become a GODDESS with power pulsing from within… I just know I’m going to grow and GROW… I can feel it… Oh YES! MMMmmm YES!” She moans. She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold back, so she instructs you to stroke for her. She talks sensually as she squeezes her tits and caresses her curves for you, moaning and instructing you. Then she gives you a countdown as she continues to moan and move erotically. As she counts down, she picks up in intensity almost as if she’s approaching climax herself, and in a way, she is…for when she gets to one and tells you to cum for your growing Goddess, she unleashes herself…and she begins to grow…and grow…and GROW.

In a long growth sequence, Ludella becomes taller and taller as her curves expand and tear through her clothes until at last she’s towering over POV in nothing but a tight thong that can barely keep her covered. She’s so high on power now that she’s grown into a full fledged GIANTESS and she uses her gigantic curves to taunt and tease the now tiny POV. He was crushing on her, but now she’s going to CRUSH him. She is clearly getting off on her growth and power and begins to talk about her plans to take over the world…about the destruction she’ll cause…and about how skyscrapers are the only things the right size to please her now. She wants you to be her first CRUSH, but she makes sure to flaunt her MASSIVE CURVES for you first. You’ve been given the amazing privilege to witness her transformation and ascension into a GIANTESS GODDESS. And you’re the first crush on her world tour.

After she’s taunted and teased you with her huge tits and massive ass and talks of her power and the destruction she’ll cause, she begins to feel another sugre to GROW. She makes you say good night to her GIANTESS ASS before she drops it down onto your feeble frame, CRUSHING you beneath it. And as soon as she does, the growth begins again. Her thong snaps off and she grows and grows until she’s towering over the trees and into the stars. As her massive curves continue to grow and thicken, we see her grow out of frame with her wild bush and thick thighs taking up the screen, and she moans in delight…

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