The story revolves around downed Air Force pilot Major Christina Carter. She was flying a surveillance mission over Eastern Europe, gathering information on a separatist state, when her plane was shot down. Crash-landing in a forest behind enemy lines, we open the movie with Major Carter in a woodland, only her jump suit and Springfield Armory 1911 .45 surviving the crash. Major Carter gives the background, before moving out, trying to deduce how she was shot down.
After some walking, she hears a twig snap and finds innocent German girl “Heidi” (played by Tilly McReese) wandering through the forest. With her weapon trained on her, Major Carter is highly suspicious, interrogating her. After some interrogation, Major Carter realizes she needs the help, and the innocent-sounding girl is all-too-helpful to turn away. They begin walking, supposedly to the American embassy, all the while “Heidi” asks various questions of Major Carter, occasionally arousing her suspicions. After much walking, they end up at “Heidi’s” home. Major Carter is now highly suspicious, thinking this is a trap, but “Heidi” calms her down. She’s able to talk Major Carter into putting her weapon away, as it scares her, after some debate.
With various promises, “Heidi” AMBUSHES Major Carter with something, revealing her true nature as Tilly, the leader of the separatist state! Major Carter struggles but is put out. Hour later, Major Carter is now wheeled in (in a WHEEL CHAIR), still out, into Tilly’s HQ. Tilly straps Major Carter into it, REMOVING HER SHOES, before she wakes up. Major Carter shows a lot of attitude and spirit, not giving in to the treacherous Tilly, who taunts and teases her about exactly what she’s going to do to her. She opens up Major Carters jumpsuit, exposing her breasts, which she fondles and plays with.
Tilly reveals to Major Carter that she’s going to INTERROGATE HER FOR INFORMATION AND SECRETS, and then RANSOM HER OFF TO THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT. If the ransom isn’t paid, she’ll simply “get rid of her.” In a HOT scene, Tilly makes a SPECIAL POV “RANSOM” VIDEO that she’ll be sending to the American Government. She speaks directly to the President, telling him that if he wants the Airwoman back, the cost will be $5 million. Major Carter remains defiant, telling the President to not pay, and she won’t talk. As she’s doing this, she uses a BLACK DILDO to FORCE INTO MAJOR CARTER’S MOUTH, making her suck it.

Continued from the last episode. Here is the HOT conclusion episode to the mini series “Major Carter: Enemy Territory” featuring Christina Carter & Tilly McReese! If you haven’t already, make sure to pick up the first episode in my store. To give you a quick summary of it: Pilot Major Christina Carter was shot down while performing surveillance of a separatist nation over Europe. Alone in the forest, she encountered a seemingly innocent girl (Tilly) who befriended and returned her to her home. Little did she suspect that Tilly was, in fact, the leader of the separatist nation she was surveying. Brought to a location, she was interrogated, as German Tilly made a ransom video for the American people and President.
Picking up here in Part 2, Tilly ends her ransom video. Major Carter is still resistant, cursing at Tilly, telling her she’s not going to give her anything. But Tilly knows better, and now comes her favorite part – what they entire episode is about, the sexual domination and play! Tilly uses something on Major Carter to put her out. She struggles while bound in the chair but is soon put out.
When we return, Major Carter has now been bound into a kneeling bondage device, her UNIFORM GONE, now just wearing pantyhose. In walks Tilly, wearing her uniform, STOLEN FROM HER. How humiliating! Tilly wastes no time, taking out a hitachi and VIBING Major Carter’s pantyhose-covered pussy. She then takes a BALL GAG and BALLGAGS this pilot bitch. Since she won’t talk, now she won’t give her the option! After some play with Major Carter’s body, Tilly briefly WORSHIPS her feet, licking them. She then REMOVES the ballgag and FORCES MAJOR CARTER TO SUCK HER NYLON TOES, humiliating the air force pilot. With her silent henchperson filming, Tilly occasionally taunts the audience about what she’s doing. Tilly even SUCKS ON the helpless Major Carter’s breasts, before putting the ballgag back in.
Pulling down Major Carter’s pantyhose, Tilly uses a STRAP-ON to FUCK MAJOR CARTER doggy in a hot STRAP-ON DILDO FUCKING SCENE, with multiple angles to see the action. After quite a bit of this, Major Carter, still has some resistance in her, and is made to suck the dildo. Eventually, “time progressed” after hours of this, Major Carter is shown to be broken, and GIVES UP INFORMATION to Tilly, begging her not to punish her anymore. Tilly surprises her, telling her that she’s now a snitch, and snitches get fucked, as she continues to fuck her w/ the strap on as we close.

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