Mandy Flores – Club Brainwash Mind Fuck

Im a private investigator trying to found out why many CEO’s of the most important business Companies are leaving their wives and moving to bachelor flats. All seems to start when this strip club opened in town.
You work at the club and I’m interrogating you about what happens here. You lead me into the private room the girls give lap dances to special clients. You ask me to sit on the chair the clients use. I have a suitcase and a rope with me but I dont know why I brought it.
You say you can show me exactly what happens here. First you fix me the CEOs favorite drink for me to sip as you dance and strip before my eyes. You show me how the girls teased the CEO’s putting their tits right on their faces and not letting then kiss or suck it.
How they shake their asses and pussies but then pull it away from them and said: “Not yet! No… first you have to make a sexy girl happy.” You say there’s nothing more exciting than make a sexy girl happy. You ask me if you’re not the most sexy girl I’ve ever seen. Of course you are. You’ll be very happy if I relax and let you do all the thinking for me. I do it cause making you happy makes me very aroused.
You make me relax as jerk off and look as your boobs and ass goes back and forth; I’ll fall into a deep trance just to make you happy. As I keep jerking off like a zombie, you ask me if I left my wife and went to a hotel as you ask me last time. I nod my head. Did I sell all my properties, my car and withdraw all the money from my accounts as you told me to last time? Yes. Did I put all the money in this suitcase. Sure. Did I burned all the papers and evidences about the investigation? Yes, I did as you told me. You ask me if I could tell you the code to the suitcase if you let me kiss your ass? Pretty please? I kiss your ass and now I can remember the code and I tell you. You get the suitcase and ask me for my wallet. You reveal that I’ve been here seven times before. And every and each time you led me here and me with your body. Then you brainwashed me into forgetting everything about it. Now I do anything you tell me to do cause I only get hard when I make a sexy girl happy.
That’s what’s going on with all the CEO’s. They are slaves to the girls of the club. You tell me I’ll cum and will fall resting and forget all about how I end up here. When I wake up I’ll get the rope and will leave the club throughout the back door. I will walk to the highest bridge in town. Then I’m gonna use the rope to tie a big rock to my neck and then I’ll jump into the river. Do you understand? I nod my head yes. It will make me very happy, and you love to make sexy girls happy, don’t you? I nod my head yes. You count me down to cum and smile to me as my eyes flutter. Now be a Goodboy and youself. Nightie night.

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