Mindi’s sweet loving step-son has betrayed his entire family by chasing after a lowly, peasant maid. She cannot believe what hes done and is incredibly troubled by this revelation. She must prove that he is not in lust of her by sending the maid away for the night, then taking her place to see if her son does indeed come for the maid. Hell never know the difference.

As she lay in bed later that night, she is startled by a hand on her leg. Indeed, the betraying step-son has come for the maid with lust in his eyes. She soon realizes that he finds her quite beautiful, even after learning her true identity. This is so wrong, but she cannot resist her temptation to please her step-son.

She puts on a show for him, stripping down, caressing her own breasts, the look on his face, his desperation fuels her lust more and more. She is so conflicted, this is so wrong, her King would certainly banish her from the Kingdom if he ever found about this.

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