Miss Malorie Switch – Boss Cucks Employee’s BF (part2)

This is a continuation of the video Cucking New Employee’s BF. You, Joe the boss, and your employee have been fucking ever since the contract was initiated. Distracting you during a phone call, sucking your cock and riding you, you end the phone call and fill her up once again with your cum. After, she announces that she is pregnant! Her boyfriend will not take the news lightly, as he just finished crying about the new arrangement, so she decides to bring you over for a surprise later that evening… You come over, seeing that she has completely sissified her boyfriend, ready to be fucked in her ass by you as he watches. After you cum in her ass the first time, you make him clean off your cock. As she masturbates watching, she suggests that you fuck his ass, too. He will, but only under the condition that she becomes his girlfriend, moving in with him, and turning her boyfriend into their sissy maid! She describes you fucking her boyfriend, announcing to him her pregnancy while you fill his ass up. After cumming in his ass, she describes you cleaning him up, then you finish fucking her ass, coming in her once again to seal the deal…

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