Miss Malorie Switch – Wife’s Friend Makes You Breed Her

You are laying in bed, when your wife’s friend wakes you by binding your hands to the bed frame. Explaining her situation, as you are obviously startled and confused, she tells you how her husband has been unable to impregnate her successfully. However, your wife offered her up a little deal, saying that you are very fertile and can easily get her pregnant. She wants you to do it for her, so she binds you. You are reluctant at first, but she teases you and seduces you to the point of no return. After she rides you a little bit, getting your cock nice and ready for her fertile pussy, she offers to unbind you, letting you take her how you want to. You two fuck hard, as she begs for you to fill her fertile womb up with your cum, making her a mother, and breeding her like she desperately wants.

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