Miss Switch – Boudoir Shoot Goes Wrong

A husband hires a photographer for his wife to shoot a boudoir shoot. As she is very naive, prudish, and shy, she only agrees if it is tasteful, shot by a professional, and is only seen by him. However, as he paid in advance, she must follow what the photographer asks of her. You, the photographer, enter as she is clothed. She shows you very bland underwear, so you give her a more seductive type of outfit to wear. As she is uncomfortable, she agrees only to satisfy her husband. A few tasteful shots are made, but you make her get into more and more strange and dirty positions, testing her limits with different poses, eventually making her take her clothes off. As she doesn’t masturbate, use dildos, or have any sex toys for that matter, you give her lipgloss to act as an insertion device. However, it does not satisfy your vision, so you offer up your cock to “help” make the shoot better for her husband. Very reluctant, but wanting to do a good job, she takes your cock into her mouth, uncomfortable but submissive. Eventually, you shove your cock into her pussy, taking her in missionary and from behind, finalizing the photo shoot with a load of cum pouring out of her pussy.

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