Missa X - Kryptodick

Brianne Blu as Flash like you’ve never imagined vs. Violet Monroe as Supergirl, Clit to dick growth, wet fucking with kryptodick, facial

Super Girl is concerned that her fellow Supheroine, Flash, has joined the dark coerce. She breaks into Flash’s evidence and is astonished at what she finds. Supergirl has the oddest feeling she is being watched, and mysterious breezes come from the left and right, no window open, it MUST be Flash! “Come out, show yourself, let’s fight fair and square!”

Flash appears in her arrogance, with a secret weapon to use against Super Girl: Kyrptopills! She shoves them in Super’s mouth, but Super manages to break free, spit them out, and put Flash into submission. Super coerced them down her throat and Flash immediately feels an unusual and unexpected side effect from the Kyrptopills, her clit begins to swell, her hips buck, a tremendous pleasure shivers through her body as her clit grows, thick, long, and with a bulbous head. Her new appendage glows green from the kyrptonite.

“I have a kyrptodick!” The new testosterone from the kryptonite gives her tremendous strength as she tosses Super Girl onto the desk, tears off her panties, and thrusts inside her yielding pussy. Flash exhales with pleasure, relishes in her win, as she thrusts inside of Super Girl’s wet, tight pussy. Super Girl fights the orgasm, she must not enjoy it, although the hot fleshy rod pumping in and out of her, balls deep, rubbing against her sensitive clit, makes her moan in pleasure. Flash uses her inherent powers and begins to flash fuck Super Girl, in and out, hard, fast fucking, demolishing that gorgeous, tight, pink pussy of Super Girl’s. Super’s eyes roll in the back of her head as the feeling overwhelms her. Flash cums all over Super girls clit, she watches as Super Girl tries to keep her pussy from pulsating, “must…not…cum…” Super Girl is powerless under Flash’s new kryptodick.

Flash spins her around and pumps her hot cock in and out of Super’s mouth. She tries with all her might to fit all 8 inches inside her throat, and when she manages to throat fuck Super, she hears her gag. Super Girl feels cum dribble down her esophagus, and tries to breathe as Flash fucks her so deep, fast, and hard in her throat. Flash pulls her drippy, wet cock out, and cums all over Super Girl’s Face. Flash will keep Super Girl as her own sex slave, her and her Super Pussy will be locked tightly in a cage, waiting for Flash to catch her breath and fuck her again, and again.

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