MissaX – Bree Daniels, Kristen Scott, Zac Wild – Greed Love and Betrayal pt.4 (06.05.2019)

Kristen is desperately trying to save her marriage with her husband Zac, but Zac is distant. Zac looks at his sweet wife, her smile, and wonders if it’s authentic. Is anything he ever knew about her not a lie; are any of the kind things she has done genuine or a phony move to impress her father and their precious inner circle of friends. He thinks about the casualties of the inner circle. Bree, Kristen’s ex-best friend, used to work for her dad, and now she’s working the streets. He sees her walk every weekend from her corner inside the city’s red light district, to her rural country home for the week. He finds Bree and they have a brilliant plan to start a competing industry to The Scott Enterprise. They’ll turn over the system, to bring honesty to a crooked industry, and test Kristen’s integrity. Bree threatens Kristen, “You’re going to admit your lie to everyone and clear my good name. I don’t want to work for your father anymore, but I am starting a competing company with Zac.” Kristen feels cornered, she looks to Zac for comfort. Zac nods in agreement with Bree, “I’ve learned enough from working for your Dad to know that I could run a more successful business”. “You would never do that to me, and Daddy, when he’s given you so much”. “I overheard him talking about laying off a number of people, and my name was on that list. I’ve devoted my life to his work, tried to ignore his crooked schemes, and now things are going to change”. Kristen starts to break down. Bree, “Don’t cry Kristen. We’re offering you a position, it’s entry level, but you can work your way up if you prove to us that you can be an honest hard working employee”. Zac asks Bree, “You think we can trust her?”
Bree shrugs, “I think everyone deserves a second chance”.

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