I was turned on August 3rd 1993, the Summer of my Sophomore year of High School, just three years ago. I thought I loved him, but as they say, “young love burns like a match.” He was so cool, his handsome muscular body, with deep emerald green eyes that made a girl feel weak. He had his own car, impressing all the girls at Riverview High, he was undeniably handsome, a rebel, he barely attended school, he rolled up cigarettes in his tight white t-shirt, and drove a 1971 Thunderbird, matte black. He won me over my writing me love letters, he intoxicated me with his desperate, romantic words. I couldn’t speak to him, he felt out of my league. He wanted me, and my friends called me “crazy,” they all wanted him, but he stared at me. He was everywhere, in the Commons before school started, after Ms. Chechik’s third hour Geometry, he was there with his eyes fixated on mine, offering to carry my books, I saw him in the bleachers, a phantom hiding with the mortals as our Varsity Soccer team won 2nd Division. I knew he was there, I heard him tell me, “I believe in you,” but back then I thought it was just my silly imagination.

He won me over, it wasn’t about one single event, it was about how much he pursued me, and I agreed to date him. We were inseparable, even after school ended, he made me brand new. The other students at school no longer saw me as the invisible geek, I was “Brianne Arlington,” something special, introverted, mysterious, and the one he chose. We were making love in the backseat when he stopped, he rested himself inside of me, I could feel his heart beat inside of me, he looked into my eyes, and asked without saying a word, “do you want to live with me forever.” I whispered yes as he kissed my neck, his kiss turned into a sweet nibble, and then I came as he drank from me.” I felt him explode inside of me as my mortal life was drained. I collapsed on his chest like a corpse, my stomach panged with an insatiable hunger, my eyes were blurry, my head filled with the thoughts of thousands within a 10 mile radius, so many voices crossing over each other in my head. I had the taste of sweet mercury on my lips, I was confused, scared, and uncontrollably thirsty. He smiles and brushed my blonde hair back, his touch distracting me from the ebb and flow of energy and pain, he promised that he would take care of me, he understood me, he would teach me, and we will hunt when the sun goes down.”

Does that surprise you that vampires can be out in the daylight, that our hearts still beat as the living? Did you believe that vampires sleep in graveyards, in coffins, their fragile white skin fry like grease in a hot pan when touched my sunlight? Superstitions are funny in the way that they exaggerate the truth. Here are some truths about me, listen carefully, I will only confess this to you. A vampire has a heartbeat the same as a human, our skin is warm, and the sun has no effect on our health or comfort, but a smart vampire will hunt at night, and I am selective when I hunt. I prefer the taste of the truly evil, there are monsters living among the mortals of all ages, their taste is bitter sweet like a sour candy that lingers on your tongue for hours. I spend my days looking for rapists, crooked attorneys & politicians, murderers, and thieves, it’s not hard to find them. Still, sometimes I get it wrong. I mourn over the innocent I k1l.l. I have a conscience that haunts me.

I’m not damned, evil, or an angel of darkness. I believe there is more good in me than bad. The old folklore is great for children’s stories, but the truth is that there are good and bad vampires, we live forever, but the night is best for hunting, the day is for playing. A vampire never sleeps, we never grow tired, we never age. I wish I could age, buy more time, my family will soon know something is wrong with me. I must leave them soon or risk my life, which can be ended almost as easy as any mortal. You don’t need a silver bullet or a wooden cross to the heart to end a vampire, we aren’t affected by holy water or mirrors. We can be ended if we are caught. I’ve been trying to stuff my bra to show them I’m older, sometimes I wear dark lipstick, I’m 18 years old but I still look like the 15 year old that fell in love with the out of town rebel three years ago.

My beloved maker left me senior year of High School, he fell in love with another, a tall girl, already obsessed with gothic folklore, a freshmen beauty with raven black hair and eyes caked with smoke black make-up that highlighted the bright shade of emerald green of her eyes, the same shade as his. I died that the day he confessed he loved her. I was angry, I wanted to end her, I should have ended her, but he turned her before I had the chance. He heard my resentful thoughts and tried to save her from me. That was almost three years ago, and I am still shaken. I hunt to live at night, I hide my thoughts from my parents.

I am a liar. I lie all the time. I have told my parents that I have started my period, as women do when they become a woman, I am watching my friends and family age, my friends grow into women. I’m scared. I’ve bought a fake ID, social security card, a new name, a new age, and I am ready to leave my family behind and live in a new country, hunting, surviving and alone.

I resent men. I distrust them. I want a man who will never leave me, and I have found that man in my father. My dad is a handsome man, although I have never looked at him in an unnatural way until recently. I’m desperate, that’s true, but I need someone who is predictable, unlike the handsome young man who seduced me, deceived me, and left me alone. I can never be alone again. I need someone to care for me. My father, I need my father because he loves me unconditionally, and I know that in time we can be like lovers. I will seduce him, as easy as it is to seduce any man. He will live with me in this cruel world, as his lover and daughter. He will never leave me and we will love each other forever, forever.

“Daddy.. daddy…?” Brianne youthful small breasts show under her pink satin nightgown. Brianne curls up in a ball on his chest and looks up at him. “I know you’ve been lonely. You’re so sad I can smell your misery. I can take the pain away. What do you want, Daddy? Quit your job, right? See the world..?” He listens to her, there is something about the night that feels odd to him, heavy, uneasy, but he listens to his little darling, Brianne, talk to him. She often just wants him to listen to her. She continues, ” I can show you this world with new eyes. Stay still, Daddy. I have to take you the way I was taken

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