Penelope tells the story of her relationship with Cassandra, Ben’s wife. Cassandra found the security footage of Penelope dancing nude for her husband and confronted Penny. Penny promised to stop, she knew it was wrong to dance naked for a married man. Jessa and John came to visit Ben and Cassandra, but Ben was away on business. Jessa and John always go out with the couple, and they’re all very close. Jessa sensed something was wrong with Cassandra, she seemed blue. “Where’s Ben?” Jessa asked. Cassandra, “He’s away on business, and I’m not sure where. He doesn’t tell me where he’s going these days.”

John felt like he was intruding, that his wife needed to talk to Cassandra, “should I leave you ladies to talk?” Cassandra looked at him sweetly, “No, I’m glad you’re here. You two have known Ben longer than me. Let me tell you what’s been going on, Maybe you can help?” She then confessed of the security tapes, how Penelope the maid was dancing for Ben, and on the latest tape Ben was fucking her.

Jessa leaned in close, “are the security cameras on now?” Cassandra looked towards the camera. Jessa, “no, don’t look. I want you to act natural.” John leaned in closely, he knows his wife can be naughty and clever. Jessa, “I think we should give him taste of his own medicine. I want you to kiss me, kiss me passionately.” Sweet Cassandra felt her body tense up, she was curious, and nervous, she’s never kissed a girl. She saw John lean forward in his chair, “Jessica,” he whispered with caution. Jessa looked at her concerned husband, she winked at him, and she inched close to Cassandra. Cassandra felt the heat of Jessa’s lips, and then the two were kissing, their lips soft and eager. Cassandra felt Jessa’s tongue touch her upper lip, waiting for an invitation to kiss her deeply. Cassandra melted into her. John sat next to Cassandra and pet her hair.

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