MissaX – Mona Wales – M.I.L.F.P – Mother-In-Law Free Pass

Mona is on the couch, masturbating and daydreaming about her hot future son-in-law, Brad, all while porn is running in the background. Her imagination is rich and, for a split second, what she imagines becomes extremely vivid. She never had a son herself, although she has always fantasized about this taboo scenario, but Brad is her daughter’s age and extremely attractive. She wakes up from her horny dream abruptly, her fingers soaking wet. She realizes how she has completely lost track of time, so she quickly pulls her pants up in a hurry. After all, soon enough she is expecting a guest.

Later, she opens up the door and welcomes Brad, inviting him to the kitchen for a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Apparently, Brad will soon marry Mona’s daughter, Lauren, but she’s staying at Mona because he didn’t want to bother his parents before the wedding. They discuss a little bit more about the wedding plans, and then she asks him to go jogging with her to pass the time.

After they come back, Brad wants to take a shower. “Is Lauren allowing you to roam around the house all sweaty?”, she jokingly says. Then she politely asks him to remove his shoes and jogging clothes beforehand. She also removes her tank-top and jogging pants, remaining only in lingerie. Brad is obviously embarrassed but Mona immediately notices this: You’re marrying my daughter, don’t be embarrassed, that makes you practically my son.. So he proceeds to follow her requests and then goes to take a shower.

Later, Brad finds Mona on the couch, watching some Shakespeare-inspired movie about “unshared love”, with popcorn in hand. She invites him next to her so they can watch it together. Soon enough, the discussion moves further, with Mona talking about her marriage. She tells Brad the secret reason for which her marriage has lasted so long.

Apparently, she and her husband have something called “free pass” – two days in which they can try anything with any partner they want, outside the marriage. But it’s only these two days a year, nothing outside that. “Is this cheating?” Brad asks. “Of course not, it is consensual and agreed on”, Mona replies. Soon Mona gets more and more daring and asks him if he’d like to watch porn with her in his last days as an unmarried man. He reluctantly refuses, being taken aback by the proposal. Mona continues with her dirty confessions, talking with Brad about her experiences with her husband and swinger clubs.

Finally, she asks – “if you could have any woman, who would that be?”. “I like older women”, Brad admits. At this point, Mona successfully managed to seduce Brad already. She asks him if there’s anything she could do for him. Brad admits that she would like to smell her underwear. She agrees to grant him this dirty wish, but only under one condition; she’d be there to watch. Soon, the whole affair turns from a mutual masturbation agreement and genitals rubbing into full blown sex. After all, these are the last “free pass” days Brad might ever get before marrying her daughter.

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