I am a very busy conservative wife and mother. My darling husband is still sexually turned on by me, and I feel bad for turning him down. I desperately want to be the woman I promised I would be when we married. I went to a man who specializes in mind control, he promised to help release my tension, re-program my mind to suit my husband’s fantasies with a simple remote control. This will give my husband his ultimate fantasy and also train my brain to loosen up.

My husband doesn’t waste a second to program my first setting, I trust he will not program a setting that I will find lewd! This night belongs to him, and my mind will be forced to play the role he programs. The first role is sexy teacher.

I look at my husband and all I see is a naughty, sexy boy who needs to be disciplined. He will amuse me since he is making me stay after class and I want to see his young cock. I know that we are alone, and that his roaming eyes want this to happen, and I don’t hesitate to order him to stroke for me. I tease him with my body and he holds a remote to me, before I can ask him “what’s happening,” he changes me to his next fantasy: hot mommy.

I look at him and see my sexy strong son and all I want to do is seduce him. I kneel down so I see eye-to-eye with him and I can see he is hard for me. How uncomfortable for my sweet baby boy. I know just the trick to get rid of that uncomfortable little problem. He is almost ready to cum as I take my wet mouth up and down his throbbing shaft coo-ing dirty, dirty things to him, when he points the remote at me. He programs me to be a stripper:

I’m a stripper in the private room with my sexy customer. He has his cock out, as I believe to have already instructed him to. My customer likes to be called “master,” as I give him a lap dance he will never forget. I grind up against his throbbing hard cock with my satin thong. I want his cock inside of me. I want him to make me cum. I am moaning as I ride his cock, I manage to let him know where my g-spot is, that little nub deep inside of me, and he pounds my pussy deep and hard. I cum, my pussy grabbing his cock as he explodes. When we both cum the spell is broken and I fall back.

I am now back to my normal state of mind, I am his wife. I feel relaxed and giggle at the absurdly tall stripper heels I am wearing. I look at the remote. “It’s my turn,” his mind will now be altered to suit my secret fantasies. I smile mischievously as I reach for the remote

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