MissaX – Sasha Carmine – First Time For Everything II

Sasha’s been doing some thinking, ever since she manipulated her brother to kiss her, they’ve been going down a downward spiral. She told herself it would be a kiss, then just a blow job, and then she was going to allow him to kiss her down there, and now Johnny’s been pushing her to go even further. She knew she had to reevaluate her life when she felt his drippy wet cock pressed in between her pussy lips, pressing on her little virgin hole, begging to be let in her most innocent place.

Mom and Dad are out, and she’s painting her toenails listening to music, she left her bedroom door open because she wants to talk to him. She knows as soon as he notices the house is empty he’s going to be pressing her to “mess around,” as he does with any opportunity alone with her. Johnny comes in and knocks gently on the door, Sasha looks over at him and tries to talk him down. They exchange conversation, she awkwardly tries to tell him to step back, and he awkwardly tries to convince her that everything’s ok. She knows her body can’t lie, she wants to go all the way, she’s dreamt about it countless times, but on the other hand, she wants to give her virginity away to the man she will marry. John listens to her, he’s heard this speech before, he’s devised a plan for them to keep playing around, but also keeping her tight little pussy pure. He pulls out a butt plug and shows it to her.

“What’s that?!” He explains he found it in mom’s drawer. Sasha recoils, there is no way she’s putting anything inside of her that’s been inside of mom. Johnny explains how he’s cleaned it, “please Sasha,” he pleads, “I’m going to make you cum so hard, harder than you have ever came in your entire life.” Sasha looks at him with her doe eyes, she asks sweetly, “will you lick it first, please?” She’s scared, curious, and she can feel wetness trickle down the walls of her pussy into the gusset of her white cotton panties.

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