Mistress Evilyne – Extreme Public Disgrace

Mistress Evilyne is taking Her pet on a day out. What a lucky boy. He is going to be used and humiliated all day in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of people! She puts the biggest collar She owns around his neck, so that everybody who walks by can see that he is wearing one, and makes him kiss Her boots for a few minutes before the real fun begins. This morning’s task is going to be giving love and affection to all the dirty and neglected inanimate objects on the street. Lamp posts, garbage cans and phone boxes all get wooed, kissed, caressed, worshipped, and eventually humped in full view of passers by. Mistress Evilyne makes Her slave serenade the objects at the top of his voice so that everybody can hear him telling these filthy objects how he loves and worships them. She makes him lick the filth off them and dance with them. She is so powerful and domineering that even though this is the most embarrassing thing the slave has ever done in his life, all he can do is obey Her every order and desperately try to ignore the ever growing audience and the many, many laughs he gets from complete strangers.

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