Nikki Brooks – The Unistalker Never Quits

Nikki has a 12 hour shift at work tomorrow, so she needs to get a good night’s rest. She sets her glass of wine down on the night stand and she crawls in to bed. Once her eyes close, the door to her bedroom starts to slowly open. The UniStalker has struck again, and he walks over towards Nikki’s bed. He lifts her arms up and drops them back down, and he lifts her nightgown up to reveal that she doesn’t have any panties on. Nikki suddenly opens her eyes and screams when she sees this random man in her bed! He quickly grabs a cloth with a chemical on it and places it over her mouth until her eyes shut again. He pulls her nightgown off, leaving her fully naked on the bed. He lifts her arms and legs up in the air and watches them drop back down. He takes her hand and rubs it over the crotch part of his pants. Then he gets in between her legs and starts to dry hump her pussy. He licks and sucks on her nipples as he does this. Just as he cums inside of his pants, Nikki’s eyes open again and she screams “get off of me!!” He grabs the cloth with the chemical and shoves it over her mouth until her eyes drift off again. “This was all a bad dream…” he says to her, before he exits her bedroom… She wakes up a few moments later and tells herself that she really need to stop drinking so much…

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  • Jimmy 1 year ago

    I heard you say a lot of Victoria videos will be uploaded on hypnoporn, does that also include some Girls Getting Sleepy videos of her here? she still has some real cool videos on that other site that no one seems to upload.

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      At this point we don’t have very much Victoria’s GGS videos, She more often shoots with GGH but if we find a new one it will definitely be uploaded here.